In livestock farming the one factor we cannot control that has the greatest influence upon the success or otherwise of our farming venture is climate.

In the ideal world we would have just the right amount of sun, rain, daylight hours and humidity. These combine to produce perfect growing conditions yielding a top crop to feed the livestock we have appropriately allocated to a particular type of land complementing genetics selected to deliver optimum yield.

Sadly we do not live in an ideal world.

At Fodder NZ we set out to not only control the environment in which our crop is grown, we want to optimise that crop. When nature delivers the fury of a storm, floods, drought, slips or pests, we remain unaffected. Our growing rooms provide a protected environment ensuring the deliverability of fresh highly digestible nutritious feed for up to 365 days of the year.

Compared to open pasture production our fodder rooms offer:

  • A proven system of continuous feed production, utilised in various forms worldwide.
  • Cost-effective production of highly nutritious, highly palatable feed where a kilo of grain is converted from hard seed to nutritious feed in five days at better than a ratio of 1 kg of grain producing 5 kg of green feed (production of better than seven times is not uncommon in our rooms)
  • Water efficient production process (using less than 5% of open pasture requirements)
  • No wastage of feed product, with stock eating the entire product, roots and all.
  • No pugging, stock damage fence maintenance, track maintenance or weed spray
  • A balanced nutritional mix regardless of the season with 90% plus digestibility
  • increased weight gain and enhanced animal health
  • A small footprint for production which starts at 8¬†tonnes of green feed per annum