Barley has proven itself to be the best overall single grain for fodder rooms.  We use malting barley that is out of specification for the brewing industry (RMB)  for its high protein levels and consistently high sprouting percentage.

We have used feed grade barley but the lower percentage of sprouting (around 60% compared to around 90% with the RMB) combined with the lower protein levels found in feed grade barley makes it very much a second choice.

As with all things cropping; the better the seed in, the better the result out.

Your local Farmlands store should be able to put you in touch with grain supply merchants. If you have any difficulty then contact us and we will locate a suitable supply for you.

Grain varies from season to season; from region to region and from country to country. We have a good local supplier against whose grain we measure the quality of other grain supplies. If you have a grain supply that you would like us to test, send us a 10kg sample and we will test it along side our own grain in the same growing conditions and report back to you with our opinion.


You certainly can. We do. We have been trialling mixtures of barley & lupin [for more protein] and barley, lupin and sunflower seed for more protein and B group vitamins. In the coming weeks we will also be trailing barley, maize  and pea combinations as we work towards multi faceted feed mixes for the likes of calves and horses. Of course the added varieties’ do bring an added cost, but your willingness to incur that cost is a choice you make as part of the nutrition  plan that you have for the recipient of the fodder. Personally, we are very happy with just using RMB.