We have all experienced it. You follow the instructions, push the buttons (often several times), vocalise what you perceive to be the parentage of the device that is frustrating you, along with your now blood boiling perception of its supplier and it still doesn’t work.

Before you get to the “venting against the supplier” phase…call us. We have 0800 number support (0800 16 32 64). We do not have a call centre in the Philippines, India, Brisbane or Cancun. Headquartered out of Levin, New Zealand, we will address your issues.

Built into the “back” of every room we supply are a host of diagnostic, reset, operational adjustment and problem fixing tools. We don’t expect that we will have to resort to many of these over the life of a room, but we built them in “just in case”.

If we can’t talk you, or if it became necessary, a sparky, through the diagnostics to get the room going again, then we will come to you.

We have trained technical personnel available to meet customer training and support needs.


We have a multi-level service policy.

When a new room is purchased, you receive free support and training to get your room up and running.

If at any time a part in the room fails which is subject to warranty, we will replace the part free of charge.

Concerns raised during the first 6 months of ownership and resolved over the telephone are free of charge where the call takes less than an hour. If the call takes more than an hour we will assess whether or not a charge of $65 (plus GST) per additional hour or part thereof will apply.

After the first 6 months of ownership by you of a new Fodder NZ room, a Fodder NZ technician will visit your site and give your room a technical service review (“first owners service”). The service technicians time and travel costs will be paid by Fodder NZ, but any parts that are deemed necessary to replace that are not covered by warranty will be charged to the customer.

Ongoing technicians services after the first owner’s service will be charged out on a time and materials basis. Where possible service technicians will time their service calls to minimise the costs of travel to you.

In all events, we will first diagnose the problem,  then we will fix it.

After the first owner’s service, if problems occur with the room and we determine it’s an operator problem which is resolved without the need to do a site visit, then the first three such service assistance calls are free of charge. After the first three free calls, we charge $65 an hour (plus GST) or part thereof to address recurring operator induced problems. If a charging situation is likely to arise, we will discuss it with you at the time and get your agreement to incur the cost.



Rooms operated under a FodderLEASE agreement are owned by FodderLEASE Ltd and servicing calls are paid for by that company. FodderLEASE also pays for any parts replacement that a service technician deems necessary.

Service calls may be resolved by either telephone or by a service technician visiting a fodder room.

Under the terms of the FodderLEASE between the customer and FodderLEASE, should a service technician determine that a “fault” in the room has been caused by the incorrect operation of the room by the lessee, FodderLEASE may charge the customer on a time and materials basis to attend and fix the problem. Operational problems that are not caused by the operator will be remedied at the cost of FodderLEASE.