If the systems get upgraded, can our existing rooms be upgraded? Yes.

At Fodder NZ we have an ongoing commitment to R&D. The Generation II rooms that we released onto the market in April 2017 represent the culmination of R&D and tested delivery systems to that date. We know however that we can do better. More research and further testing based upon our own experiences and the ideas and experiences of our customers and potential customers have us looking at a host of ways to deliver a better and even more cost efficient product.

That R&D takes time and more than a few buckets of money. It does not happen overnight and despite the best plans and desires, some things are just not economically possible or practical, so the challenge for us is two fold.

  • First we continue to strive to break through barriers that limit production and performance by developing new techniques, applying new and existing science and doing bit of star gazing or day dreaming around “what if?”
  • Second we are committed to being able to deliver proven products from our R&D into the existing fodder rooms. There may be a small capital cost associated with an upgrade, but we are committed to supporting our customer base for the economic life of their fodder rooms.