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Is a fodder room right for us? What if we invest in a room and find that we want to do something else? The answer to these concerns is “try before you buy”.

When Fodder NZ’s director first looked at building a fodder shed 10 years ago the push back point was the capital cost vs the unknown result. Sure, the reasons for looking at a fodder shed at the time were sound. The farm was in a drought situation, livestock were losing condition, works space was not available and the schedule was melting away faster than an ice cube on a hot day. The alternative to “taking what you were given”, that is, being able to finish stock to a “high demand-low supply” paradigm was great in theory …but what if it didn’t work? Looking down the thick end of $350,000 [as it was to buy an Australian made system then] all up for a 1 tonne a day shed…. it was a lot of risk.

That concern stayed with us. We know that an investment in a growing green feed fodder whether in a transportable room or a purpose built shed is a serious commitment. It doesn’t matter how it’s funded, the investment has to pay. It would be nice to know that, BEFORE the major expense of buying the room.


That’s why we developed the  FodderLEASE programme.

Under FodderLEASE, you can lease a green feed fodder room and try out the fodder system before you decide to make any further commitment. The minimum term for a FodderLEASE is three months and you can either return the room or roll the lease forward month on month thereafter.

FodderLEASE units are fully supported by our in-house technicians. We provide training in the use of the room, recommendations’ on grain supply and assistance with coordinating delivery and return of the rooms.

Our FodderLEASE  lease rooms are straight from our production stock and come fully loaded with the latest technology, software and equipment.  We can also arrange your grain supplies.

Leasing costs start at $35 per day for the single bay, 150kg per day room,  moving up to $45 for the two bay room and $55 per day for the 500kg a day three bay room.  Lease payments are monthly in advance. Each room has a built in prepay function and are fully supported by our service technicians.

The minimum initial lease term is 3 months and may be rolled forward month on month thereafter. Where a lease is entered into for an initial term of six months the lease payment reduces by $5 per day.  The lease agreement covers additional costs for delivery, return and insurance.

If you would like to know more about our FodderLEASE facility please contact us on 0800 16 32 64 and we will be happy to discuss the options with you.

All pricing is exclusive of GST and FodderLEASE rooms are provided on a first-come first-served basis. Terms and conditions apply including delivery, collection and cleaning costs. These are set out in the FodderLEASE lease agreement.