We are always interested to hear from persons with an interest in investing in, selling & supporting fodder rooms throughout New Zealand.

Our green feed fodder rooms come in three sizes. They are currently built at our Shannon factory and fully tested for two weeks (including a full grow cycle) before being sanitised and shipped “ready to go” to our customers.

It is our intention to manufacture green feed fodder rooms in the South Island by the end of 2017 with at least two distribution and support centres established in the South Island, in the last quarter of 2017. We are also planning expansion of our North Island network to cover the West and East coast of the North Island as well as Northland.  We would welcome enquiries from persons who may have an interest in investing in and becoming part of the Fodder NZ brand.


The demand for our FodderLEASE product is expected to grow exponentially as we field inquiries from farmers wanting to lease a fodder room to either meet a short term feed demand or as a precursor to building a larger fodder shed. We are interested in hearing from parties who would like to become part of the investor pool to fund this exciting business opportunity.

FodderLEASE offers investors in this standalone company, direct (PPSR) security over the assets in which the company invests, while FooderLEASE  staff provide management, maintenance and support to the leased fodder room customers.

If you would like to find out more about any of these opportunities, send an email to David@fodder.NZ  registering your interest and telling us a little about you. David will then contact you to discuss your interest.