From our manufacturing operation based at Shannon, New Zealand, Fodder NZ ships its transportable growing rooms throughout New Zealand. For over 10 years we analysed and researched both domestic and international trends in sustainable intensification of livestock feeding. Now we lead them.

While we built our first fodder room based upon an Australian design in 2009, it as  only been in the last three years that we have felt technology has moved to a level that made the development of cost efficient production of fodder a reality in New Zealand.

The core of our fodder rooms system is a state-of-the-art electronic control unit that not only monitors the room’s performance but assists us in diagnostic interpretation of changes in environmental elements that affect the growing performance of a live biomass.

Our commitment to the production of cost efficient, environmentally friendly and economically sustainable fodder is ongoing as the extensive research and development that has been undertaken in the last three years, culminating in the production of our second-generation fodder system,  continues.

Perhaps unique to Fodder NZ is our approach to developing and refining technology that will fit directly into our previous generation fodder rooms. This leaves an upgrade path for the purchaser or lessee of a fodder room ensuring that they have access to the latest technology that Fodder NZ has to offer.

Our team of engineers, builders, technicians and researchers are committed to ensuring that we deliver the best system we possibly can, to all farmers in New Zealand, regardless of the size of their operation.

Innovation does not however rest solely with us. The ideas, dreams, suggestions and quirky “what if” scenarios that come from users and potential users of our systems are of equal importance as the ideas that we continue to bring to the Fodder NZ brand.

If you would like to share your ideas with us, ask us questions or simply wish to comment on the Fodder NZ philosophy we invite you to contact us and share your views.