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Fodder NZ offers livestock owners, fresh, clean and reliable feed solutions, with grain to grass in 5 days, through our New Zealand made feed systems.

Fodder NZ aims to help farmers adapt from traditional farming practices centred around seasonal dependence, by taking control of a significant portion of the environment in which livestock feed is growing, thereby producing quality feed 365 days of the year.

The Fodder NZ system of sprouting barley in an environmentally controlled room or shed means that quality feed is available to livestock when the farmer chooses to make that feed available. By being able to control when feed will be available for livestock means the farmer is also able to control when that livestock can be sold into the marketplace. Effectively a well-planned fodder system will allow a farmer to smooth his overall production and move away from “peak and trough” management practices.  …….more…..

Our Feed Systems

Fodder NZ manufactures hydroponic growing rooms for sprouting barley, other seeds and grains. Designed and built in New Zealand to meet our demanding environmental conditions Fodder NZ rooms are certified to New Zealand’s regulatory standards. The result of ongoing technical innovation, research, development and field testing has put Fodder NZ at the forefront of sustainable, profitable farm production. Our systems change the feed dynamic in such a dramatic way that the farmer has the opportunity to dictate when stock will be ready for and go to market.


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Sustainable Intensification

With sheep and beef farming occupying around two thirds (10 million ha) of New Zealand’s available farmland, there is an increasing focus upon intensifying sheep and beef farming practices. While some look to the Dairy sector for answers, New Zealand based studies have shown that the unique solutions that have worked, in the main, successfully for diary intensification are less likely to succeed for the majority of predominantly hill country farmers in New Zealand.  While there is no magic bullet to any aspect of successful farming, Fodder NZ offer a significant opportunity to increase production, productivity and profit, equivalent to adding hundreds of hectares to the farming platform without buying more land.

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 Lease or Buy…your choice

Any investment in technology, regardless of what that technology offers ,requires careful assessment not only of its cost, but more importantly, whether the perceived benefits will translate into bottom line improvement. That assessment can be a hard call. In some cases it may mean the difference in sale price between store stock and forward finished stock; for others it may be a more basic requirement to simply “feed the stock we have“, while the option of livestock trading from an otherwise uneconomic base may prove to be the catalyst for investment.   read more………..

What a system. Gives me the reliability of top feed regardless of weather. The cattle love it, even when there is plenty of grass. They took to it quickly, putting on condition. Given the high conversion we are getting from grain to green feed, the fodder is proving to be an economical and consistent feed. I would recommend the Fodder NZ system.

Gavin WLevin